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Reviewing the results of the recently completed Experience Study, including the updated demographic assumptions that will be used going forward.
It’s not a subject we like to think about, but the fact is, by defining your end of life care wishes, you are making an already difficult time more manageable for your loved ones. We’ll cover important considerations for creating your end of life care directive and talk about ways you can ensure these wishes are followed by your provider and/or caregivers.
Did you know that kids as young as three can grasp the concept of how money works? And yet, most graduate high school without ever taking a course on financial basics. That leaves us – parents, grandparents and influential adults – to teach children the importance of budgeting and saving. During this session, we’ll review key concepts to teach at every age level and provide some tips and resources to help you get started. If you have younger people in life that you care about, don’t miss this session.
Employer Onboarding Training - (for Defined Contribution (including DC portion of Hybrid), 457 and Health Care Savings Program.)
Akemi Gordon
I Am MERS: Eastern UP Transportation Authority's Financial Director, Akemi Gordon, speaks about a secure future.
Ed Klobucher
I Am MERS: City of Hazel Park's City Manager, Ed Klobucher, speaks about peace of mind.
Bonnie Suchecki
I Am MERS: City of Grand Haven's Human Resources Manager, Bonnie Suchecki, speaks about forward-thinking.
Jennifer Seman
I Am MERS: Grand Traverse County's HR Director, Jennifer Seman, speaks about planning.
Kayo Zimmerman
I Am MERS: Bay City Housing Commission's Maintenance Manager, Kayo Zimmerman, speaks about confidence.
Michael Brown
I Am MERS: Barry County's County Administrator and MERS Retirement Board Member, Michael Brown, speaks about trust and commitment.
Ron Coleman
I Am MERS: Holland Board of Public Works's Electrical Distribution Technician, Ron Coleman, speaks about security.
Debbie Wilhelm
I Am MERS: Charter Township of Northville's Human Resources Director, Debbie Wilhelm, speaks about commitment.
An investment update from MERS
Join MERS for an update on how our investments have responded in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Our investments team shares insight into how our carefully diversified asset allocation strategy reduces your defined benefit plan’s exposure to market volatility and explores challenges that may lie ahead.
Health Care In Retirement
Health care costs are one of the biggest expenses in retirement. Learn how Medicare and other benefits options will help you prepare.
Using Your Retirement Account
When it comes to saving and investing for retirement, there are many questions to consider when it's time to retire. This video offers concepts to address those very questions such as finding an appropriate retirement (decumulation) strategy and figuring out how to make your money last throughout your retirement years.
Managing and Monitoring Your Portfolio
Wondering if your investments are on track to meet your goals? During this recorded webinar, we'll walk through the resources MERS makes available to you, so that you may feel confident in your ability to align your investments with your retirement needs.
Making Your Money Work For You
When it comes to saving and investing for retirement, there are many questions to consider. How much should you save and how should those savings be invested? Should your strategy change as your life circumstances change? What is your risk tolerance level when investing? This session will address those very questions as well as help you better understand some concepts such as riding out market volatility and determining an asset allocation that meets your needs. We'll then explore savings strategies to use in the accumulation (or working) phase.
Basics of Investing
You don't have to be a stock market wiz to put a strategy in place. This webinar will explain concepts in plain English and provide you with practical ways to help you invest with confidence.
How Smoothing Works
Learn how smoothing effects contribution amounts towards MERS Defined Benefit Plan.
Investment Return Assumption
Learn how the investment returns assumption and smoothing impact pension funding and how MERS determines what the assumption rate should be.
MERS Retirement Strategies Funds
When it comes to investing, don't put all of your eggs in one basket...unless that basket is diversified with a smart mix of funds.
How to Invest
Depending on your financial goals in retirement, it may be necessary for you and your spouse to consider supplemental retirement plan options. In this video, we'll explore your retirement savings choices to help you add security to your retirement plan.
Service Credit Purchase: an Overview of the Basics
Learn about the basics of a service credit purchase and gain insights to the updated process.
An Overview of MERS Resources
Learn about the resources available to help you understand your plan and tools to help you prepare for your retirement.
Understanding and Using MERS' Toolbox of Resources
Learn about the resources available to decision-makers within the workplace to help employees better prepare for retirement. We'll discuss the importance of providing benefit education and highlight some ways that MERS can assist in those efforts.
Debt Management Strategies
Ever felt trapped by your growing amount of debt? It can accumulate fast and leave you in a deep financial hole. By understanding the categories of debt such as "good" versus "bad", you can learn how to put a repayment strategy in place.
Budgeting for the New Year
Without a budget, each month can leave you struggling to find a secure financial foothold. During this video, we'll outline some steps to help prioritize your spending and saving habits and create a plan.
Social Security Basics
Understanding the components of your retirement income is important and Social Security is a big factor to consider. This video discusses hot topics such as eligibility, the process to apply and resources to help you navigate the system.
Estate Planning
Wills, trusts, powers of attorney — what do all these things mean? No question, estate-planning jargon, and the process to create a plan, can be confusing. During this video, an estate planning expert will walk you through important terms and the steps you should take to create an estate plan that protects your family. You’ll get insight into what the goals of creating your plan might be and some of the available tools you can use to accomplish them.
Planning for the Unexpected
Personal finance experts tell us that ideally, we should have 3-9 months' worth of expenses saved in an emergency fund. It's also recommended that we save for retirement, so we can replace 80% of our pre-retirement income. For most of us, there is only so much money to go around. During this video, we'll explore different savings options and strategies to help you plan for the unexpected, while still saving for retirement.
Do you know who your beneficiaries are?
Don't forget to let us know who your beneficiaries are so that your retirement benefits are handled smoothly without red tape, expense or delay. MERS makes it easy to update beneficiary information through logging in at
Health benefits App
Now that you've left your employer, you — and your spouse and other dependents — can use your MERS Health Care Savings Program account for tax-free medical expense reimbursements. This video explains how to access the Alerus App and manage your claims.
MERS hybrid plan overview
Learn the basics of MERS' Hybrid Plan.
MERS defined contribution overview
Learn the basics of MERS' Defined Contribution Plan.
Ready to Retire: an overview of the MERS defined benefit retirement process
Are you within five years of retirement and have questions about the MERS Defined Benefit retirement process? This video reviews the steps you should take now to prepare for your retirement.
MERS defined benefit overview
Learn the basics of MERS' Defined Benefit Plan.
Understanding Defined benefit pensions
Understanding public pension plan funding is complex. This video helps you understand how Defined Benefit pension plans work, how contributions are determined, and how the practices that MERS follows ensure secure retirement benefits.
not for profit
As a new MERS participant, you may have questions about how your benefits work. We’ve made learning about your new plans easy. This short, interactive video lets you pick which MERS programs you would like to hear more about.
MERS office
Who are MERS members? MERS members are police officers and fire fighters, lawyers, librarians and more. Who is MERS? They are — and you are, too.