Who We Are

Our mission is to partner with those who serve Michigan communities to provide retirement benefits and related services to support a secure retirement.

MERS of Michigan is an independent, professional retirement services company that was created to administer the retirement plans for Michigan’s local units of government on a not-for-profit basis. We proudly serve more than 100,000 participants, including local firefighters, nurses, and the men and women who plow our roads and keep our communities safe.


Is MERS a part of state government?
MERS is not a state-run retirement system or a part of state government. We are an independent professional retirement services company operating on a not-for-profit basis governed by an elected board.

Are municipalities forced to use MERS?
Our members choose to be a part of MERS because we offer a superior value that meets their needs. Much like a private company, MERS has to compete for business in the market.

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Chief Investment Officer Jeb Burns explores market performance, future forecasts, and how our strategy is adjusting to meet the long-range goals of providing stable funding for MERS’ multi-billion dollar pension fund.

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Jennifer Mausolf
Communications and Retirement Strategies Director

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As the sole fiduciary for our retirement plans, MERS takes on the liability for selecting the investment options, monitoring fund performance, and ensuring fees are reasonable. Learn more about Fiduciary Responsibility.

MERS is one of the largest, most established, and most successful shared services stories in Michigan, providing administration, investment expertise, fiduciary responsibility, and oversight for benefit plans. This allows local governments to focus on core services, leaving day-to-day administration to us. Services include:

  • Plan Governance
  • On-Staff Auditor
  • Legal Counsel
  • Legislative Advocacy
  • Administration of Benefits


Who are MERS members? MERS members are police officers and fire fighters, lawyers, librarians and more. Who is MERS? They are — and you are, too.