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2020 Business Meeting
During the Business Meeting, CEO Kerrie Vanden Bosch gives a “State of MERS” update and designated delegates voted for MERS Retirement Board members.
MERS Chief Investment Officer Jeb Burns provides an overview of the MERS Defined Benefit Portfolio. He discusses how MERS balances the need to generate enough investment gains to fund the future retirement of current employees, while preserving the assets required to pay existing retirees. He shares insight into how our carefully diversified asset allocation strategy reduces the portfolio’s exposure to market volatility and explore challenges that may lie ahead.
Akemi Gordon
I Am MERS: Eastern UP Transportation Authority's Financial Director, Akemi Gordon, speaks about a secure future.
Ed Klobucher
I Am MERS: City of Hazel Park's City Manager, Ed Klobucher, speaks about peace of mind.
Bonnie Suchecki
I Am MERS: City of Grand Haven's Human Resources Manager, Bonnie Suchecki, speaks about forward-thinking.
Jennifer Seman
I Am MERS: Grand Traverse County's HR Director, Jennifer Seman, speaks about planning.
Kayo Zimmerman
I Am MERS: Bay City Housing Commission's Maintenance Manager, Kayo Zimmerman, speaks about confidence.
Michael Brown
I Am MERS: Barry County's County Administrator and MERS Retirement Board Member, Michael Brown, speaks about trust and commitment.
Ron Coleman
I Am MERS: Holland Board of Public Works's Electrical Distribution Technician, Ron Coleman, speaks about security.
Debbie Wilhelm
I Am MERS: Charter Township of Northville's Human Resources Director, Debbie Wilhelm, speaks about commitment.
An Overview of MERS Resources
Learn about the resources available to help you understand your plan and tools to help you prepare for your retirement.
MERS office
Who are MERS members? MERS members are police officers and fire fighters, lawyers, librarians and more. Who is MERS? They are — and you are, too.