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MERS office
Who are MERS members? MERS members are police officers and fire fighters, lawyers, librarians and more. Who is MERS? They are — and you are, too.
Akemi Gordon
I Am MERS: Eastern UP Transportation Authority's Financial Director, Akemi Gordon, speaks about a secure future.
Ed Klobucher
I Am MERS: City of Hazel Park's City Manager, Ed Klobucher, speaks about peace of mind.
Bonnie Suchecki
I Am MERS: City of Grand Haven's Human Resources Manager, Bonnie Suchecki, speaks about forward-thinking.
Jennifer Seman
I Am MERS: Grand Traverse County's HR Director, Jennifer Seman, speaks about planning.
Kayo Zimmerman
I Am MERS: Bay City Housing Commission's Maintenance Manager, Kayo Zimmerman, speaks about confidence.
Michael Brown
I Am MERS: Barry County's County Administrator and MERS Retirement Board Member, Michael Brown, speaks about trust and commitment.
Ron Coleman
I Am MERS: Holland Board of Public Works's Electrical Distribution Technician, Ron Coleman, speaks about security.
Debbie Wilhelm
I Am MERS: Charter Township of Northville's Human Resources Director, Debbie Wilhelm, speaks about commitment.