With a focus on the MERS Defined Benefit Plan, MERS CEO Kerrie Vanden Bosch will review the results of the recently completed Experience Study, including the updated demographic assumptions that will be used going forward. Joining her will be Chief Actuary David Kausch of Gabriel, Roeder, Smith & Company (GRS), our actuarial services provider, and MERS CIO Jeb Burns, who will provide an update on the performance of the MERS investment portfolio.

Key takeaways: An understanding of the recent changes to the demographic assumptions and the impacts, which will be effective with FY 2022 contributions. Information on actions that can be taken now to prepare for the assumption change impacts. And insight into the performance of the MERS investment portfolio.

Audience: This discussion is designed specifically for administrative officials, elected officials and finance professionals.

Video script (Coming soon)