Health Care’s Flexible, Affordable Answer

Saving for retirement is important, but many people don’t take into consideration the rising costs of health care. The MERS Health Care Savings Program is designed to help you prepare for those costs after you leave your employer, with an invested account you manage.

By participating in the MERS Health Care Savings Program, you can save money now while you’re working for health care costs that you’ll use after you leave your employer, either before or after you’ve reached retirement. The MERS Health Care Savings Program is an employer-sponsored program that gives you a tax-free medical savings account available for you, your spouse and any legal dependents.

Action Items

  • Update beneficiary information
  • Update personal contact information
  • Review investment options
  • View account statements

How It Works

MERS HCSP Handbook (pdf)

  • Individual employee accounts designed by you and your employer are invested and grow tax-free.
  • You and your employer make contributions to your account based on the provisions your municipality has adopted.
  • You can also make contributions to your account on a voluntary, post-tax basis.
  • The MERS Health Care Savings Program is an invested account, meaning you take an active role in determining your financial goals, making investment choices, and monitoring your portfolio.
  • When you separate from your employer, you can use the account for tax-free medical expense reimbursements (pdf). You must be vested at termination to withdraw your employer’s contributions.
  • You select from the streamlined MERS Investment Menu. For more information, please read Understanding the MERS Investment Menu (pdf).


HIPAA Privacy Practices

Eligible Expenses
Eligible Expenses and Reimbursement Options (pdf)
 Eligibility FAQs (IRS Webpage)

Submitting Receipts
How to submit a receipt, verifying purchases made using HCSP funds. You can submit your receipt(s) through one of the following:

*If you send in your documentation by mail, please include a copy of this letter. For security purposes, do not send documentation that includes your full Social Security Number.

Claims Management

 Claims Management Portal and Reimbursement Guide (pdf)

Alerus Moblie App
 – Using the App (pdf)
 – Using the App (video)


Completed these actions online in your myMERS account.

  • Reimbursement Claims
  • Update Beneficiaries
  • Investment Changes

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MERS Investment Menu

Streamlined MERS HCSP Investment Menu.