Portal Training

The MERS Service Center is available to provide one-on-one training for the Employer Portal.

 Schedule an appointment by contacting the MERS Service Center.

Onsite Education

Your MERS benefit education specialist is available to provide your employees with benefit education onsite at your municipality at a time that best fits your needs.

 Schedule an appointment by contacting the MERS Service Center.

MERS Events

MERS hosts a variety of educational events throughout the year in a variety of formats for both employers and participants.

 Employer Events

 Participant Events

 Retiree Events

 Quick Bite Webinars
For All Audiences

 Facebook Live
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Can’t make it to one of our educational events? No problem! The MERS Video Library is a collection of all pre-recorded webinars and other sessions to help walk you and your employees better understand your benefits.

MERS Retirement Strategies

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Research Briefs

Here you will find a collection of research briefs developed by MERS on various topics.

 Excessive Fund Choice Undermines Performance (pdf)

 Maximizing the Match (pdf)


Here you will find a repository of MERS forms for both you and your employees.

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All of our publications are available to be viewed and downloaded on our website.

 Plan Document

Investment Options

OPEB Management Strategies

 Participant Handbook

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A great resource to help your employees make financial decisions based on their personal situation and data.

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