Some email messages are encrypted to securely deliver sensitive information to you.

How to view an encrypted email message sent to you from MERS.

View your email

1. Download the email’s attachment

Download button location

2. A new window will appear, select “Click to read message”

Click read message button

3. Username and Password

  • A. If you have received an encrypted email before, you will be asked to login
    • Fill in your password and click “continue”
      Enter Password
  • B. If you have not logged in before, you will be asked to set up a profile to be associated with this email address
    • Fill out your information and click on “continue”
      Click Continue

5. Secure Mailbox.

After successful login, you will see your encrypted email messages.


Having trouble viewing your encryped email message?
Please contact us at 800.767.6377.