MERS is governed by an independent, unpaid board committed to fairness, transparency and accountability for our customers. Our board adheres to strong conflict of interest provisions and best fiscal practices making us a reliable fiduciary agent and a go-to expert for retirement security in Michigan.

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Retiree Member Board Application Information

The MERS Retirement Board consists of nine members. Six members are nominated and voted upon by MERS members, and three are appointed by the Retirement Board.

Of the three appointed members, two are Public Members. Public Members have knowledge or experience in retirement systems, administration of retirement systems, or investment management or advisory services.

The other appointed member is a Retiree Member and is a retiree of the MERS Defined Benefit, Hybrid or Defined Contribution plans.

This year, one Retiree Member position will be appointed at the Board Meeting in December. If you meet the requirements listed above for a Retiree Member and would like to be considered for appointment to the MERS Retirement Board, please complete this form (both front and back pages).

Form: 2021 Retiree Board Appointee Application Form
(Due: Form, along with your resume, must be received by MERS on or before Friday, September 17, 2021)