MERS requests that employers report wages and contributions for employees enrolled in the Health Care Savings Program (HCSP). Employers will have the option to enter in information through the enhanced Employer Portal or by filling out and uploading a template to the reporting portal.

HCSP Quick Enrollment
Employers should enroll new hires in HCSP using this Enrollment Form which reduces the amount of information an employee is asked to provide in order to enroll. This form lessens the amount of time and administrative oversight needed to enroll new hires.

Submitting New Hire Information to MERS
Employers can enroll new hires in the Health Care Savings Program by simply adding them to their payroll file.  For more information on the new hire communication process, select your program and view the administrative section.

New Hire Beneficiary Information
Once a new hire has been added to your municipality’s payroll file, MERS will mail participants their beneficiary forms along with other plan-related information. Participants will return the completed forms to MERS and we will update their record.

Ongoing HCSP Contributions Post-Employment
There are special instructions if you plan to continue contributing to your employees’ HCSP account post-employment:

  • Use the upload spreadsheet (.csv) to enroll your retirees. All required census information must be included to ensure MERS is appropriately communicating with retirees, including instructions on using their account. The following information is necessary to create that enrollment:
    • First/Last Name
    • SSN
    • Date of Birth
    • Address
    • Original Date of Hire
    • Date of Termination
    • Participant status on the upload file must indicate “T” for terminated (Column O)
  • Subsequent reporting through upload format for retirees should continue to include their date of termination and appropriate employment status (reporting through manual reporting will not require any changes to status)
  • Note: where an employer plan offers a varied contribution based on single or married status, only the former employee is eligible for enrollment (no second record is created for the spouse)