Flexible saving options for MERS participants and their spouse.

 How It Works

The MERS IRA is a tax-advantaged Individual Retirement Account for the exclusive benefit of current and former employees of MERS-partnered municipalities and their spouses.

The MERS IRA does not need to be adopted by the employer and is available to anyone currently or previously employed by a municipality that actively participates in a MERS retirement plan (Defined Benefit, Defined Contribution, or Hybrid) or the MERS 457 Program. Employees do not have to have participated directly in the above programs.

Payroll Deductions
You may opt to allow employees to make contributions to the MERS IRA via payroll deduction. Contact the MERS Service Center for details.

Participant Information
If you have questions about how to help your employees save more for their financial future with a MERS IRA, view the participant MERS IRA program page.

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