Audience: Employers

Product: All

Contacts: Primary

Date Sent: 4/19/2022

Format: Email

Description: On Monday, April 18, MERS launched the new Employer Contact Management Portal giving employers (primary contacts only) the ability to customize the information they want to receive from MERS. Primacy contacts can add, edit and delete contacts in the Contact Management tool.

An eblast was sent to all Primary Contacts informing them of this new tool and provided details on how to use it.

Sample: Click here to view the eblast.

Other resources:

  • User Guide – Find instructions on how to use the tool and definitions of the preferences.
  • Customer Contact Form – New municipalities may fill out this form. (RHFV here)
  • Contact List Request – Employers may request a list of their contacts on our website, but changes will only be accepted in the Contact Management tool.