Mailing – Disability Income Verification Letter

Audience: Participants Product: Defined benefit Contacts: Participants collecting disability retirement benefits Date Sent: April 25, 2022 Format: Mailing Description: This letter is a notice to participants collecting disability retirement benefits that they need to provide MERS with information about their income in order to continue receiving disability benefits. Sample Letter: 2022 MERS Income Verification Letter  

eBlast – Voice of the Customer Evaluation (Participant)

Audience: Participants Product: All Contacts: Randomly selected active participants Date Sent: 4/14/2022 Format: Email Description: The 2021 Voice of the Customer evaluations were emailed out on 4/14 to 15,000 randomly selected participants. The deadline to complete and submit the evaluation is  is Friday, April 22.

eBlast – HCSP Receipts No Longer Accepted by Email

Product: Health Care Savings Program Contacts: Participants who have an account balance and are eligible to use funds in their HCSP account Date sent: 3/2/22 Format: Email Description: Participants who have access to use their Health Care Savings Program (HCSP) funds (typically this means they are terminated from employment or retired) and have account balance were notified… Continue reading

Mailing – Defined Benefit Annual Statements

Audience: Participant Product: Defined Benefit Contacts: Active participants Date Sent: 2/22 – 3/4/22 Format: Mail Description: Defined benefit annual statements have been processed and will start going out in the mail on 2/22/21. These are mailed out in batches and will continue to be mailed over the next few weeks. Electronic copies are already available in… Continue reading

4th Quarter PDA Statements Available – Participants

Product: Defined Contribution, Hybrid (DC portion), DC+, 457, Health Care Savings Program, MERS IRA Contacts: All PDA participants Date sent: Email – 1/25/22, Mailing – 1/25/22 Format: Email/Mailing Description: Participant directed account quarterly statements for Q4 2021 will be available in myMERS by end of the day on 1/24. For participants who have not opted out of receiving… Continue reading

Mailing and Eblast – January 2022 Retiree News

Audience: Participant Product: Defined Benefit, Hybrid, Defined Contribution, 457 Program, IRA Contacts: All retirees with a MERS Defined Benefit or Hybrid Plan and all terminated/inactive participants aged 60+ with a participant directed account including MERS Defined Contribution Plan, 457 Program and IRA) Date Sent: 1/14/2022 Format: Email and Print Mail Description: The January 2022 edition… Continue reading

3rd Quarter Participant Directed Account Statements Available

Product: Defined Contribution, Hybrid (DC portion), DC+, 457, Health Care Savings Program, MERS IRA Contacts: All PDA participants Date sent: Email – 10/25/21, Mailing – 10/22/21 Format: Email/Mailing Description: Third quarter statements for participant directed accounts have been posted to myMERS. Participants who opted out of receiving paper statements were notified via email that their statements are now available… Continue reading

Mailing – Defined Benefit Annual Deferred Letter

Audience: Participants Product: Defined Benefit Contacts: All participants who are vested in a MERS Defined Benefit Plan and no longer work for their employer, but have not yet reached retirement age Date Sent: Beginning on 10/19/2021  (letters will be sent in batches) Format: Mail Description: Each year, MERS sends a letter to vested Defined Benefit participants who no… Continue reading

Mailing – Required Minimum Distribution Letters

Audience: Participants Product: MERS Defined Contribution (including DC+ and Hybrid), 457 Program, MERS IRA Date Sent: 10/15/2021 Format: Mailed Letter from Alerus on behalf of MERS Description: On 10/15, Alerus sent required minimum distribution (RMD) letters to the 160 participants who are have not yet satisfied their 2021 RMD. Alerus also sent a letter to participants… Continue reading

eBlast – Annual Conference Survey

Audience: Employers and Participants Product: All Contacts: All Date Sent: 10/13/2021 Format: Email Description: A post-conference survey was emailed to all attendees on 10/13. Responses are due by 10/22.