Investment Return Assumption & Dedicated Gains

Learn how the investment return assumption impacts pension funding and how MERS uses a dedicated gains policy to reduce that assumption in a way that lessens the impact on required contributions.

Managing Your Portfolio

Wonder what the important aspects of managing your investment portfolio are or how often you should review your investments? During this video, you’ll learn more about the reasons we invest, where to locate and manage important information about your investment account and how to make changes when needed.

Investing Post-Retirement

When it comes to saving and investing for retirement, there are many questions to consider when it’s time to retire. This video will offer concepts to help you understand each of your various retirement accounts and build an appropriate retirement withdrawal strategy to make your money last throughout your retirement years.

MERS Defined Benefit Investments Concepts

Investment earnings from the MERS Defined Benefit Portfolio fund more than half of the benefits paid to MERS retirees. In this video, we’ll discuss how MERS manages the Defined Benefit Portfolio, including who is responsible for which investment decisions. We’ll share our investment philosophy and how that affects our asset allocation and investment goals. You’ll leave with a better understanding of MERS investments and how those investments impact your plan’s funding.

Managing and Monitoring Investments in the Accumulation Phase

When it comes to saving and investing for retirement, there are many questions to consider. How much should you save? How should those savings be invested? And what are some strategies to increase your account balance? This video will offer concepts to address those very questions such as finding an appropriate savings ratio, learning about your investment risk tolerance, and the importance of longevity. We’ll then explore savings strategies to use in the accumulation (or working) phase. Finally, we’ll show you how to locate your investment information and make investment changes online.

Investment Basics & Supplemental Savings Options (IRA, 457, HCSP)

Depending on your financial goals in retirement, it may be necessary for you and your spouse to consider supplemental retirement plan options. In this session, we’ll explore your retirement savings choices to help you add security to your retirement plan. Another important component to financial security is ensuring your investments are allocated correctly to help you reach your retirement goals. We’ll walk through some investment basics and provide tips to help you evaluate your current investment line-up.

How Smoothing Works

How Smoothing Works

Learn how smoothing effects contribution amounts towards MERS Defined Benefit Plan.