Using Your HCSP Account at Separation from Employment

During this presentation, you’ll learn more about the Health Care Savings Program (HCSP), the benefits of having an HCSP account and how it works. Additionally, you’ll learn how you can use your HCSP account balance at separation from employment. Topics covered include: Understanding program eligibility and beneficiary structure,
What to expect when you become eligible to use your account, Health care expenses that are eligible for coverage with HCSP funds, Payment and reimbursement options, Resources to help guide you

Health Care Savings Program (HCSP) Overview

In this short video covering the MERS Health Care Savings Program (HCSP), you’ll learn more about, retiree health care considerations, what is HCSP and how does it work?, contribution options, the benefits of tax-free investing, who can use the account and when, reimbursement and payment options, and eligible expenses.

Overview of MERS Health Care Savings Program and Retiree Health Funding Vehicle

As PA 202 has increased awareness of unfunded accrued liability for retiree health care and other post-employment benefits (OPEB), it has also created greater demand for tools to prefund those obligations. This video will introduce you to two programs MERS offers to help municipalities take a proactive approach to OPEB: the MERS Retiree Health Funding Vehicle and the MERS Health Care Savings Program.

Investment Basics & Supplemental Savings Options (IRA, 457, HCSP)

Depending on your financial goals in retirement, it may be necessary for you and your spouse to consider supplemental retirement plan options. In this session, we’ll explore your retirement savings choices to help you add security to your retirement plan. Another important component to financial security is ensuring your investments are allocated correctly to help you reach your retirement goals. We’ll walk through some investment basics and provide tips to help you evaluate your current investment line-up.

Health Care in Retirement

Health Care In Retirement

Health care costs are one of the biggest expenses in retirement. Do you know your options? During this video, MERS staff will provide an overview of Medicare and the benefit options you’ll have in retirement. We’ll talk about the costs associated with Medicare and provide you with resources to help you get more information. We’ll also highlight the MERS retiree healthcare exchange and talk about how you can use the MERS Health Care Savings Program in tandem to assist with premium costs.

Retirement Strategies

MERS Retirement Strategies Funds

When it comes to investing, don’t put all of your eggs in one basket…unless that basket is diversified with a smart mix of funds. 

How to Change Beneficiaries Online

Do you know who your beneficiaries are?

Don’t forget to let us know who your beneficiaries are so that your retirement benefits are handled smoothly without red tape, expense or delay. MERS makes it easy to update beneficiary information through logging in at

Using the Alerus Benefits App for HCSP Claims

Health benefits App

Now that you’ve left your employer, you — and your spouse and other dependents — can use your MERS Health Care Savings Program account for tax-free medical expense reimbursements. This video explains how to access the Alerus Benefits App and manage your claims.