Helping Your College Grad Achieve Financial Independence

The goal for most parents is to raise children who grow up to be successful and independent. And young people who recently finished college are especially eager for independence. However, rent, student loan repayments and other financial obligations can make it a struggle to get started in life. Some parents may consider offering their children… Continue reading

The Path to Financial Wellness

People who are serious about improving their physical health know that it requires effort and a series of small steps taken over time. It’s much the same with improving your financial health. Here are some steps that can take you closer to achieving financial wellness. Spend Less Than You Earn You’ll never get ahead financially… Continue reading

Finding Your Financial Foothold

Without a budget, each month can leave you struggling to find a secure financial foothold. Have no fear, a potential solution does exist. As we learned in the “How to Budget for Success” article, we know 50% of your total income should go towards essential costs and 30% goes towards lifestyle priorities. Then, the remaining… Continue reading

How to Budget for Success

Budgeting for retirement can appear to be a daunting and complex task at first glance. However, the simple 50/20/30 budgeting rule can ease the burden and bring you peace of mind. The rule provides a balanced budget that can be adjusted to fit your personal financial goals. The 50/20/30 rule divides your after-tax, take-home pay… Continue reading