After an extensive due diligence process, MERS partnered with Mercer Marketplace 365+Retiree to offer our retirees access to a best-in-class private health care exchange. This exchange offers flexibility, choices, and assistance with navigating the retiree health care market. Mercer has trained benefits counselors that will help review your plan options based upon your location and health care needs.

 How It Works

Benefits Counselors guide each retiree and eligible dependent through a step-by-step process. Prior to the consultation the retiree will provide a benefit profile and questionnaire which will allow the counselor to summarize healthcare needs and provide a variety of plans, including optional dental and vision plans, with varying costs options. These non-commissioned counselors will take the time to understand individual concerns and carefully explain each plan’s benefits, coverage limits and costs. They can help retirees understand if they are eligible for the federal subsidy and determine the plan that best meets the individual’s needs and budget circumstances.

In order to avoid a gap in coverage, retirees must enroll in a new plan(s) before current coverage ends. They have 60 days after the end of active health coverage to enroll, but may still experience a gap in coverage. If they are outside of the 60 day window, they may have to wait until the next Open Enrollment period to enroll in a plan.

It is important to know that Benefit Counselors don’t enroll individuals in Medicare. Participants must show they are enrolled before enrollment in Exchange and to complete that step first through

Why a private health care exchange?

  • Proven strategy helps employers reduce or eliminate OPEB liability while maintaining commitment to providing quality benefits
  • Increased buying power of a private health care exchange enables retirees to enroll in plans that often provide equal or better coverage at a lower cost than typical group plans
  • Reduced administrative cost and challenges for employers as compared to supporting a group plan

Why Mercer Marketplace 365+Retiree?

MERS conducted a comprehensive vendor selection due diligence process to find a partner and we selected Mercer Marketplace 365+Retiree. Providing our members with:

  • A complete product portfolio including options for pre-65 and Medicare-eligible individuals, as well as short term medical, dental and vision plans
  • An industry-leading customer service model with knowledgeable, licensed benefits counselors in the Midwest who are dedicated to providing white-glove service to retirees and their dependents
  • Proactive outreach to retirees across multiple communication channels to educate each retiree about changes to their health care plan and establish an ongoing relationship with their benefits counselor
  • Coordination with the MERS Health Care Savings Program — retirees can use funds from their account for retiree health care premiums

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