Retiring with a MERS Defined Contribution Plan

Do you have a MERS Defined Contribution Plan? Are you interested in learning more about plan considerations and saving for your future? If so, check out this video where we walk through the importance of participation and tips to create a paycheck in retirement. We’ll also review investment, beneficiary and distribution information.

Understanding Forfeitures

This short video provides an overview of forfeitures in the MERS Defined Contribution and Hybrid Plans. Employers will learn what they are and the options to utilize funds in accordance with IRS guidelines.

Influencing Retirement Outcomes through Effective Plan Design

We’ll discuss how the MERS Defined Contribution Plan works and how plan design strategies, such as pairing the defined contribution plan with the MERS 457 Supplemental Savings Program, can help employers incentivize higher employee contribution levels, while providing employees the freedom to adjust their rates as needed. We’ll also walk through the benefit provisions modifications coming soon with the implementation of the Employer Reporting project that MERS kicked off this year. You’ll learn more about employer expectations as a result of this project and important next steps you’ll be asked to take.

Retirement Strategies

MERS Retirement Strategies Funds

When it comes to investing, don’t put all of your eggs in one basket…unless that basket is diversified with a smart mix of funds. 

How to Change Beneficiaries Online

Do you know who your beneficiaries are?

Don’t forget to let us know who your beneficiaries are so that your retirement benefits are handled smoothly without red tape, expense or delay. MERS makes it easy to update beneficiary information through logging in at

Defined Contribution Plan Overview

MERS defined contribution overview

This video will provide valuable information and insight on how your plan works. You can expect to walk away with more information on the components that make up your defined contribution plan, the importance of designating beneficiaries and keeping them updated and your investment options. We’ll also discuss the benefits of myMERS and how the resources MERS provides help you stay on track to meet your retirement goals.

New Participant Video

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As a new MERS participant, you may have questions about how your benefits work. We’ve made learning about your new plans easy. This short, interactive video lets you pick which MERS programs you would like to hear more about.