Defined Benefit Reporting Bootcamp

After watching this video, you’ll have a better understanding of the reporting process and how to avoid making errors that could have unintended consequences in the future.

MERS & Mercer Marketplace 365+

MERS’ partnership with MERCER Marketplace highlights the benefits of expert counseling in providing retiree access to the public health exchange for excellent service, best prices, and meeting individual needs in health care. Featuring Mayor David Tossava from the City of Hastings, Jennifer Mausolf (MERS Communications and Retirement Strategies Director), and Tara Tyler (MERS Benefit Plan Advisor).

Understanding your Defined Benefit Plan Financials

Each year, MERS provides a number of financial reports and statements to help you understand your defined benefit plan. During this recorded webinar, MERS Finance Director Betsy Waldofsky provides a helpful explanation of what each of those financial tools can tell you about the health of your plan, including how the numbers on your quarterly statement translate to your Annual Actuarial Valuation, how investment returns are applied to your plan, and how to use the GovInvest tool to model the impact additional funds will have on your plan.

Impacts of SECURE 2-0 on MERS Retirement Plans

SECURE 2.0 was passed at the end of 2022 and contains over 90 provisions designed to promote savings and financial wellness, streamline administration for employers and offer more flexibility to participants. Some, but not all, of these provisions apply to retirement programs offered by MERS. To help you better understand SECURE 2.0 and its impacts, check out this video.

Using the GovInvest Total Liability Calculator (TLC) Basic

The GovInvest Total Liability Calculator (TLC) Basic is an actuarial self-service tool that was developed especially for MERS Defined Benefit Plan customers. During this webinar, experts from GovInvest demonstrated how easy it is to bring your 2021 Annual Actuarial Plan data to life.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning

During this video, an estate planning expert will walk you through what’s included in an estate plan, why it’s important to prepare one and what happens if you don’t have an estate plan in place when you pass away. You’ll also learn about common mistakes people make and how to avoid them.

Investment Return Assumption & Dedicated Gains

Learn how the investment return assumption impacts pension funding and how MERS uses a dedicated gains policy to reduce that assumption in a way that lessens the impact on required contributions.

Using Your HCSP Account at Separation from Employment

During this presentation, you’ll learn more about the Health Care Savings Program (HCSP), the benefits of having an HCSP account and how it works. Additionally, you’ll learn how you can use your HCSP account balance at separation from employment. Topics covered include: Understanding program eligibility and beneficiary structure,
What to expect when you become eligible to use your account, Health care expenses that are eligible for coverage with HCSP funds, Payment and reimbursement options, Resources to help guide you

Social Security Basics

Understanding the components of your retirement income is important and Social Security is a big factor to consider. This presentation reviews hot topics such as eligibility, the process to apply and resources to help you navigate the system. If retirement is in your near future, this video is for you.