Understanding Your Investment Choices

The MERS Investment Services Program (ISP) provides your municipality non-membership access to MERS Investments. You will benefit from our professionally-managed funds, low administrative fees and our economies of scale, while retaining administration of your pension program.

 Fund Fees & Performance

 Investment Options Book for ISP & RHFV

Investment Menus

ISP Investment Menu

Portfolios Built For You

The portfolios are professionally managed by MERS. Each portfolio has an allocation of stocks/bonds (in parenthesis below) that is rebalanced on a quarterly basis.

 MERS Total Market Portfolio
 MERS Global Stock Portfolio (100/0)
 MERS Established Market Portfolio (60/40)
 MERS Diversified Bond Portfolio (0/100)

Funds to Build Your Own Portfolio

 Large Cap Stock Index
 Mid Cap Stock Index
 Small Cap Stock Index
 Emerging Market Stock
 Short-Term Income