As part of our fiduciary responsibility, MERS is committed to helping customers understand and manage their retirement plans. We have partnered with GovInvest, a leading data visualization organization, to provide our defined benefit and hybrid plan customers with an actuarial self-service online tool developed especially for MERS municipalities – the Total Liability Calculator Basic (TLC Basic).

Developed Specifically for MERS Members

With TLC Basic, you can run projections, compare data with peer groups, review historical data and analyze your liabilities. Our goal is to bring your data to life to assist you with understanding, analyzing and communicating with stakeholders about your plan.

Accessing the TLC Basic Tool

The Primary Contact and Finance Contact will automatically have access to their own employer’s information within the tool. Employers may also grant other users access to their information.

Users can access the tool via the MERS Login Page. Should you have questions or need assistance accessing this tool, please call the MERS Service Center at 800.767.6377.

Resources to Assist You

The easy-to-follow TLC Basic User Guide walks you through the steps to run projections, build comparisons and create reports that you can share with others. As always, your MERS Regional Manager will continue to be a resource and is available to discuss your plan with you and your stakeholders, including walking you through understanding your annual actuarial valuation, explaining actuarial assumptions, and exploring design strategies that may reduce your projected liability.

Expanded Data Forecasting Tools

GovInvest also offers best-in-class software solutions for other post-employment benefits (OPEB) and workforce cost analysis, providing dedicated experts to help you prepare for the changing economy, workforce and policy. If you’d like to learn more about the financial forecasting tools for OPEB and Labor Costing that are available through GovInvest, you can request a demonstration.