HR Contact

As your municipality’s Human Resources Contact, you are the main point of contact for all employee relations and education needs related to your MERS benefits.

This can include:

  • Setting up onsite education for your employees
  • Onboarding new hires
  • Assisting employees with life events such as marriage, death or divorce and how it will affect their MERS benefit(s)
  • Providing employees with benefit information as they transition out of employment at your municipality
  • Working with MERS to provide retirement readiness education and resources to employees

Onboarding New Employees

Other Helpful Information

Your MERS Team

As the Human Resources (HR) contact, you have a team of MERS staff available to assist you with all of your retirement plan needs.

MERS Regional Team Resources
Regional Manager
Your Regional Manager is the primary point of contact for providing consultation regarding:

  • Plan administration
  • Plan and benefit changes
  • Needs analysis
  • Collective bargaining assistance
  • Board, union and key stakeholder relations

Your Regional Manager’s contact information.

Benefit Plan Coordinator
Your Benefit Plan Coordinator is your resource for:

  • Plan questions and information
  • Administration and coordination of all internal service activities
  • Plan change requests
  • Annual actuarial valuation questions
  • Contact type updates

Your Benefit Plan Coordinator’s contact information.

Benefit Education Specialist
Your Benefit Education Specialist works with your employees to provide education on the MERS plan(s) they participant in. They are available for on-site group and one-on-one meetings at a time that best fits your needs. You can contact our Service Center at 800.767.6377 (MERS) to set up a time for your Benefit Education Specialist to visit your municipality.

Your MERS Benefits

Do you know what MERS plan(s) your municipality is enrolled in? You can check by logging in to the Employer Portal or contacting your Benefit Plan Coordinator.

Need help logging in to myMERS or the Employer Portal?

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