Audience: Participants

Product: Defined Benefit, Hybrid, Defined Contribution

Contacts: All active participants (DC participants must have wages on file with MERS to receive a report). Some exclusions apply. Please refer to these FAQs for more information.

Date Sent: Reports will be mailed between August 24 and September 7. Reports are mailed in random batches (not by municipality). You may receive your report any time between these dates.

Format: Mailed in an envelope to the home address on file with MERS

Description: Snapshot Reports are designed to provide MERS participants with an understanding of how prepared they are for retirement using the information that MERS has along with Social Security. Because these reports are generated using only the information that MERS has, we strongly encourage participants to review their report, and then go online to build a more comprehensive "Full Picture" report. Participants can do so by logging in to their myMERS account and clicking on the "Full Picture" report builder icon.

Resources: Please visit the retirement readiness resource page on for more information on the report along with videos, FAQs and links to external resources for more information.

Additionally, there is an upcoming Facebook Live event where MERS staff will walk attendees through their Snapshot Report and the Full Picture report builder. Watch for more information coming soon.