Product: All products

Contacts: All retirees with a MERS Defined Benefit or Hybrid Plan and all terminated/inactive participants aged 60+ with a participant directed account (MERS Defined Contribution, Health Care Savings Program, MERS 457 Program, MERS IRA)

Date Sent: 12/30/19

Format: Mailing


The January 2020 Retiree News is a stand-alone mailing that is being sent to approximately 40,000 retirees and terminated/inactive participants age 60+.

There are three versions of the Retiree News:

Retirees with just a DB  View – Click to read Retiree News DB (DB only version)

Retirees with DB and a PDA product – Click to read Retiree News (DB & PDA only version)

Terminated/inactive participants aged 60+ with just a PDA product – Click to read Retiree News (PDA only version)