Audience:  Employers 

Product:  Defined Benefit, Defined Contribution and Hybrid

Contacts:  Primary and Human Resources

Date Sent: 12/12/16

Format:  Mailing


A Snapshot Summary report was mailed to all DB, DC and H employers (primary and HR contacts) on 12/12/16.  The report provides aggregated participant data from the retirement readiness Snapshot Reports that were distributed to active employees earlier this year. Included with the report is a cover letter that provides awareness, encourages planning, and explains the educational resources that MERS offers.  

Along with the Snapshot Summary report, employers received an insert containing information about the Service Credit Purchase Process that is changing, MERS as the sole fiduciary, and new ACA  tax filing requirements for employers with Health Care Savings Program.

Sample:  Samples of these materials can be found below.

Action: No action is required, but employers may contact the Service Center at 800.767.6377 to schedule group presentations, benefit fairs, or one-on-one meetings with their Benefit Education Specialist if needed.