Audience: Participants

Product: Defined Benefit

Contacts: Active participants

Date Sent: 2/4/21

Format: eBlast

Description: Defined benefit annual statements have been processed and will start going out in the mail on 2/4/21. These are mailed out in batches and will continue to be mailed over the next few weeks. Electronic copies are already available in myMERS on the left navigation panel under “Statements”.

This year, the following disclaimer has been added to the “Earned Retirement Benefit” section of the statement:

Note: This statement contains estimated retirement data and is based on information reported by your employer. You must meet all service and vesting requirements to be eligible to receive this benefit. Please request an audit of your record before making any decisions about retirement or separation from your employer.

Like last year, beneficiary names will not be listed within the Annual Statement. Instead, the “Beneficiary” section will note the following:

IMPORTANT! Make sure your beneficiary information is up to date by logging into your myMERS account and verifying that you have designated your Monthly Pension Beneficiary and Refund Beneficiary. Missing or outdated information could significantly impact the amount of benefit your loved ones receive in the case of your death.