Audience: Participant

Product: Defined Benefit, Hybrid, Defined Contribution, 457 Program, IRA

Contacts: All retirees with a MERS Defined Benefit or Hybrid Plan and all terminated/inactive participants aged 60+ with a participant directed account (including MERS Defined Contribution Plan, 457 Program and IRA)

Date Sent: 8/13/2021

Format: Email and Print Mail

Description: The August 2021 edition of the Retiree News is being sent to 40,210 recipients.

  • A printed newsletter will be mailed on 8/13 to a total of 40,210 recipients, including those who will receive an electronic version
  • An electronic newsletter will also sent via email on 8/17 to approximately 18,500 recipients with a valid email address on file

There are three versions of the Retiree News, each version with a distinct audience: