April 08, 2020 –Audience: Participants

Product: Defined Benefit and Hybrid

Contacts: Retirees

Date sent: 4/7 – 4/8

Format: Email

Description:  An eblast was sent to retirees to reassure them that their pension paycheck will be processed on time and to encourage them to use myMERS as their primary means of conducting business with MERS at this time. Retirees who also have a self-directed MERS program received a customized email, directing them to our market volatility resource page and alerting them, as appropriate, that HCSP funds may now be used for over-the-counter medical expenses.

Sample:  Copies of each of the three versions of the eblast can be viewed below.
DB only retirees  
DB retirees with HCSP
DB retires with DC or 457 but not HCSP