Audience: Participants

Product: MERS 457 Program

Contacts: All active participants 

Date sent: 2/23/18

Format: Email

Description: MERS sent an eblast to all active 457 participants on February 23.  Three seperate eblasts were sent, one to particpants ages 20 – 30, one to ages 31 – 50 and one to ages 51+. Each eblast focused on an audience-specific message and included a YES or NO clickable button.

Clicking YES will launch a pre-populated email that they can address to their employer HR contact asking to increase their 457 contributions.

Clicking NO will direct them to a landing page that encourages them to follow MERS on Facebook for retirement planning tips.

Postcards were also sent to each of these audiences the week of February 26. The messaging in the postcard is consistent with the messaging in each eblast.


A copy of the 20 – 30 eblast can be viewed here.

A copy of the 31 – 50 eblast can be viewed here. 

A copy of the 51+ eblast can be viewed here.