Audience: Participants

Product: IRA

Date Sent: 11/24/2020

Format: Email

Description: Updates to IRA Disclosures addressing changes from CARES Act and SECURE Act. No change in fees. No action required.

Sample: A sample of the eblast can be found below:

Dear Participant,

As your selected IRA administrator, MERS is required to keep you informed of revisions to our Fee Disclosure. Please see here for a full copy of the Fee and IRA Disclosures.

There are no changes to MERS fees. Changes involve modifications to our governing plan documents to maintain alignment with the federal SECURE Act passed late last year, and as a result of CARES Act changes which were signed into law to adjust to the Coronavirus pandemic in early in 2020.

There is no action required of you. This is for informational purposes, only. You can view these Disclosures and other IRA details from the MERS website at any time by visiting

In addition, MERS is regularly making updates to account tools and features. In the coming weeks, you will see changes to your online account, including the ability to manage contributions online.

If you have any questions regarding your MERS IRA or other MERS services, look for more information at or contact our Service Center at 800.767.6377.