Audience: Employer

Product: RHFV

Contacts: Primary, Finance and Investment Coordinator Contacts

Date Sent: 3/25/2021

Format: Email (paper mailing sent to contacts not reached by email)

Description: Employer contacts were notified that MERS will be offering two distinct options for RHFV moving forward:

  • For employers that want the peace of mind knowing MERS will maintain sole fiduciary responsibility for the investment of assets in the RHFV, assets will be invested solely in the Total Market Fund
  • For those who wish to have the flexibility to choose their asset allocation, MERS will continue to provide quality cost-effective investment options
    • Fiduciary responsibility for the investment of those assets according to PERSIA guidelines will be the responsibility of the employer
    • MERS will retain the fiduciary duties of determining the investment options and monitoring the fund performance

MERS will conduct a plan reset that will reallocate all RHFV assets to the Total Market Fund effective June 24, 2021, unless the employer opts out of the reset. In addition, changes are being made to the investment options available on the RHFV investment menu, effective June 24, 2021.

Click to read a copy of the eBlast that was sent to RHFV employers.