Audience: Employers

Product: MERS  Defined Benefit, Defined Contribution, Hybrid, DC PLUS, 457 Program, Health Care Savings Program, Retiree Health Funding Vehicle, Investment Services Program

Contacts: Primay, HR, Finance, Highest Administrative, Highest Board

Date Sent: 6/14/2019

Format: Web/Mail


The website for the 2019 MERS Annual Conference went live on 6/14, and registration is now open. The website can be viewed here.

Invitations are going out in the mail today, 6/18. A copy of the invitation can be viewed here. 

Invitations are mailed to:

Primary contacts at municipalities with DB, DC (including DC+) or H (mailing will include a delegate election form)

Finance, HR, Highest Administrative and Highest Board Contacts at municipalities with DB, DC (including DC+) or H

Primary contacts at municipalities without a retirement plan (457-only, HCSP-only, RHFV-only, ISP-only or any combination of those plans)

Please contact the MERS Service Center at 800.767.6377 with any questions.