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What: See below

Action Required: See below

Key Dates: Reporting requirements will change the week of June 24

Impacted Audiences: Employers who report for MERS Defined Contribution (including DC PLUS), Hybrid, 457 Program and Health Care Savings Program using the upload method

For More Information: Contact the MERS Service Center at 800.767.6377

Key Information:

Who: Employers with MERS Defined Contribution, DC PLUS, 457 and Health Care Savings Program who submit reporting using the upload template

Why: The purpose of these changes is to ensure accuracy of the data that employers are providing to MERS when reporting.

When: Week of June 24, 2020


  • Beginning the week of 6/24, employers may notice some additional validation requirements when submitting reports. Some data that was previously requested but not required will now be required. Employers should review data requirements found on the File Schema for the corresponding product.
  • Some examples of requirements include:
    • Proper format for date of birth (mm/dd/yyyy) upon submission If your file upload includes a date of termination (mm/dd/yyyy) and employment status is “A” for Active, the fill will reject Employers who use the Participant Edit Profile function should be sure to complete all sequential dates if they are using the profile page to provide eligibility, hire, Inactive, rehire or termination status dates. For example, if the participant record was previously terminated, a rehire date cannot be before the participants’ original date of hire. As a reminder, File Upload is the suggested method for reporting to avoid discrepancies being reported.
  • If employers find that the changes create a disruption or, have suggestions to improve, they are encouraged to report that feedback to MERS using the “Give Feedback” link found on the bottom of the Employer Portal.

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