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What: In order for MERS to provide participants enrolled in the defined contribution plan with a Snapshot retirement readiness report, employers must verify or submit 2017 wages to MERS.

Action Required: Yes

Key Dates: Wages must be submitted or verified by July 13, 2018

Impacted Audiences: Municipalities with a MERS Defined Contribution Plan

For More Information: MERS Service Center – 800.737.6377

Key Information:

In order to generate Snapshot retirement readiness reports for your employees enrolled in the MERS Defined Contribution Plan, we ask that you report wages and contributions for these employees. You can do so by using one of the following reporting methods:

  • Use the DC Wage Upload Template and upload the file to your secure Employer Portal
  • Manually enter the information in the Employer Portal
  • Utilize the secure, pre-loaded report in your Employer Portal to verify and/or submit wages

More information on each of these options can be found on our Wage Contribution Reporting page.

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