5 Reasons to Consolidate Your Retirement Accounts

Do you have retirement plans from more than one employer? Or multiple IRAs? If so, it might be a good idea to consolidate your retirement accounts. Here are five reasons consolidating your retirement accounts makes sense. You could spend less on account fees. One of the best ways to increase your investment returns is to… Continue reading

Taxes and Your Investments

You likely have investments in an employer-provided retirement plan or in your own individual retirement account (IRA). You may also own one or more taxable investment accounts, such as a non-retirement mutual fund account, or shares of individual companies held in a brokerage account. Understanding how your investment earnings in each type of account will… Continue reading

Estate Planning Options

An ideal estate plan describes your wishes as clearly and completely as possible. This helps others know your requests in the event you’re incapacitated or you pass away. You may even need several types of documents to cover all your bases. A will provides the most widely recognized tool for expressing your final wishes. An advance care directive… Continue reading

Helping Your College Grad Achieve Financial Independence

The goal for most parents is to raise children who grow up to be successful and independent. And young people who recently finished college are especially eager for independence. However, rent, student loan repayments and other financial obligations can make it a struggle to get started in life. Some parents may consider offering their children… Continue reading