Officer and Employee and Alternate Delegate Election

The 2020 MERS Business Meeting will be held live, virtually, on Thursday, September 24. Municipalities that have adopted a MERS retirement plan – defined benefit, defined contribution or hybrid – should appoint an Officer Delegate (and alternate) and elect an Employee Delegate (and alternate) to vote during the annual Business Meeting.

Please read the following information carefully:

  1. Employee Delegates are required to be elected by secret ballot. There are no requirements as to how municipalities should perform the election, as long as it is done in secret. We understand that many municipalities may still be working remotely, making an in-person election difficult to hold. One example of how you can hold a virtual election is to create a survey/ballot using a free online tool such as SurveyMonkey and sending it out to all staff that are eligible to vote. Responses should be anonymous and the person receiving the most votes would be elected as the Employee Delegate.
  2. When selecting delegates, please keep in mind that since voting will be done electronically, they will need a device that can access the internet and open multiple browsers at one time such as a tablet or laptop. Additionally, delegates will need a valid email address as voting instructions and log in information – unique to each delegate – will be emailed to them prior to the meeting.
  3. Once your municipality has elected/appointed its delegates, please complete the delegate form below (view completion instructions).
  4. Delegates and alternates are required to pre-register for the Business Meeting.
    Please note – ONLY those who are selected to serve as an Officer Delegate, Officer Delegate Alternate, Employee Delegate or Employee Delegate Alternate need to pre-register using this form. All others can sign up to attend individual sessions.

    Note: The deadline to submit delegate information to MERS or make changes is Tuesday, September 22.

2020 Officer and Employee Delegate Certification Form

To be a voting delegate (or alternate) representative at the MERS Business Meeting, you must:

  1. Be a member of MERS.
  2. Be either an officer or department head, or elected by your peers.
  3. Have this certification form completed and signed by an official at your municipality.

Definition of a MERS Member: A MERS member is an individual who is enrolled in MERS Defined Benefit Plan, Defined Contribution Plan or Hybrid Plan.

As provided in Section 45(2) of the MERS Plan Document, the governing body for each municipality (or the chief judge for a court) shall certify the names of two (2) delegates to the Annual Meeting. One delegate shall be a member who is an officer of the municipality appointed by the governing body of the municipality. The other delegate shall be a member who is not an officer of the municipality, elected by the member officer/employees of the municipality. The election shall be conducted in a manner that affords each member officer/employee an opportunity to vote.

Officer Delegate (or Alternate): The officer delegate shall be an officer member who holds a department head position or above, exercises management responsibilities, and is directly responsible to the legislative, executive, or judicial branch of government.

Employee Delegate (or Alternate): The employee delegate shall be an employee member, who is not responsible for management decisions, receives direction from management, and, in general, is not directly responsible to the legislative, executive, or judicial branch of government.

Delegate Certification: This form states that the officer delegate (alternate) appointments are true and correct, and the secret ballot election results for employee delegate (alternate) are true and correct. An official at the municipality must sign the certification.

2020 Officer and Employee Delegate Certification Form (pdf)

There are two ways to complete this form:

  1. You may complete it electronically (an electronic authorized signature is permissible), then save it and upload it when registering your delegate(s). OR
  2. You may print it off and complete it, then scan and upload it to your computer for uploading when you register your delegate(s).

Conference Delegate FAQs (pdf)
Step-by-step instructions to upload your form when registering (coming soon)

Direct questions to:
Janie Olivarez
Phone: 800-767-6377