1099-R Form Mismatched Box Numbers

MERS retirees who received a 2020 1099-R form, should note that two form fields (boxes) may not match the 1099-R form published by the Internal Revenue Service.

Specifically, on MERS 1099-R form:

  • Box 12, indicating the State tax withheld should have been labeled Box 14
  • Box 13, the State/Payer’s state no. should have been labeled Box 15

sample 1099 R Form mismatched box numbers

This reporting error was due to a computer software issue, and the information contained within the form is correct and does not affect the taxes that were withheld from your pension.

Retirees should be aware of the mismatched box numbers, and simply need to use the information within the 1099-R to submit their taxes. They may also want to inform their tax preparers about this matter, however no other action is needed. We apologize for any confusion or inconvenience this may cause.