How It Works

The Investment Services Program (ISP) provides your municipality non-membership access to MERS Investments. You benefit from our professionally-managed funds, with low administrative fees due to our economies of scale. The Investment Services Program offers a way to retain administration of your pension program while benefitting from MERS investment experience.

Program Advantages

 Peace of Mind

Local municipal board appoints the MERS Retirement Board as investment fiduciary, while maintaining local administration and control

 Power of Pooling

Funds are pooled in the MERS pre-designed portfolios, for investment purposes only. Separate trusts are established for each municipality. Money is invested in accordance with Public Employee Retirement System Investment Act (PERSIA), 1965 PA 314

 Access to MERS Resources

Provides non-voting limited membership into MERS

 Sound Investments

Access to top investment managers worldwide. Benefits from economies of scale. Fully diversified portfolios with performance history. Cost-effective portfolio options. Quarterly return analysis and economic overview.

 Retiree Payment Option

Ability to send payments to retirees


A Prudent, Long-Term Strategy — And a Proven Track Record of Success

The MERS Investments team is dedicated to providing our member municipalities with excellent returns at affordable costs, while protecting the pensions and assets of our many members.

View our goals, philosophy, and MERS Investments team.

Investment Menu

The portfolios are professionally managed by MERS. Each portfolio has an allocation of stocks/bonds that is rebalanced on a quarterly basis.

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