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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Retiree Forms

Whether you're updating your address, changing your tax withholding or much more, you'll find all our Retiree Forms here. Click the links on the left to view the forms specific to your MERS program. To view a list of all our MERS forms, click here

Form # Name Product Audience
31 Pension Recipient's Federal Income Tax Withholding Authorization Defined Benefit, Hybrid Employee, Retiree
F-31b Withholding Certificate for Michigan Pension or Annuity Payments Defined Benefit, Hybrid, Defined Contribution Employee
32 Defined Benefit Survivor Beneficiary Application Defined Benefit, Hybrid Employee
35B Standard Transfer Member Certification for Same Employer Defined Benefit Employee
35C Alternative Transfer Member Certification for Same Employer Defined Benefit Employee
37 Stop Payment Request Defined Benefit Employee
F-38 Certification of Qualified Fund Rollover to MERS Defined Benefit Employee
41 Option IV Beneficiary Change Request Defined Benefit Employee
42 DROP+ and Election Defined Benefit Employee
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