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Thursday, September 03, 2015

MERS: Be a Part of the Plan

At MERS, our plans always include finding the right fit, for our members, for our business, and for our staff.

We’re the Municipal Employees’ Retirement System of Michigan, a Lansing-based public nonprofit that manages more than $9.31 billion in retirement plans for municipal employees statewide. We’re also a fun, hardworking group of people dedicated to driving innovation and delivering excellent service. We offer an outstanding compensation and benefits package, a collaborative, fostering environment, and some rewarding work, as well.

Want to be a part of our plan? Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Internal Auditor
    The internal auditor is a partner with the CEO, Officer Team and Board of Directors ensuring that the organization operates in accordance with the Plan Document, pertinent laws, best practices, and high standards of ethics and integrity. The Internal Auditor will lead the MERS effort to develop and execute an internal audit program for the organization. This includes developing annual plans and long-term strategic plans for the auditing process in consultation with the CEO, Officer Team and other MERS leaders. The primary function of the internal auditor is to evaluate processes that are in place to identify any deficiencies in internal controls and to assist MERS staff in strengthening those controls.
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  • Senior Program and Project Manager
    The Senior Program & Project Manager will provide support to the Project Management Team Manager in the continuous improvement of the MERS Project Management methodology while maintaining appropriate rigor in alignment with the MERS culture. The Senior Program & Project Manager will also provide project management mentoring/coaching to the Project Management Team and MERS Project Leads as required. This includes, but is not limited to conducting quality reviews of project management documents such as charters, status reports, and lessons learned and providing feedback to help ensure Project Management Team members and MERS Project Leads are growing in their ability to deliver high quality project results.
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  • Senior Marketing Coordinator
    The Senior Marketing Coordinator is responsible for collection and analysis of key information that benefits the creation of the overall marketing plan for MERS products and services. Once the plan is created, the Senior Marketing Coordinator manages various aspects of the marketing plan to develop effective and persuasive marketing communication materials that engage customers, and key stakeholders. This includes responsibility for managing activities such as tradeshow planning and support, ongoing updates to existing materials and website. In addition, this position is responsible for sales support activities such as the development of advertising/promotional campaigns, compelling proposals and presentations.
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  • Deputy General Counsel for Investments and Compliance
    Under the immediate direction and supervision of the General Counsel, the Deputy General Counsel for Investments and Compliance provides legal counsel and policy advice and opinions (both written and oral) to the Retirement Board, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Investments Officer, and MERS staff.  The Deputy General Counsel for Investments and Compliance's primary focus is to provide legal counsel in matters of business and transactional law.  He or she works closely with the Office of Investments and MERS portfolio managers to negotiate and implement strategic investment opportunities in compliance with applicable laws, rules and regulations, and guidelines.  In addition to transactions and regulatory compliance, the Deputy General Counsel for Investments and Compliance performs research and analysis on various issues related to retirement and health benefits, including representing MERS in administrative and judicial proceedings that arise out of MERS' administration of retirement and healthcare benefit programs. 
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  • Benefit Plan Coordinator
    The Benefit Plan Coordinator serves as an on-site resource for employer questions and information regarding the administration and coordination of MERS products. This position facilitates benefit and plan changes on behalf of the employer, or its designee, and provides analysis of these results to the requesting party.  The Coordinator works closely with internal staff, external customers and vendors to provide data and information to support in these areas. The Benefit Plan Coordinator is a member of the regional team facilitating employer requests that meet their immediate and long term needs. The Coordinator serves as a voice for the employer and assists MERS in developing its products and services. This position supports the regional teams' growth and service goals through generating leads and referrals as well as maintaining high satisfaction levels during employer–driven plan changes and transactional activities. 
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  • Service Representative
    Under the supervision of the Service Center Director, the Service Representative is responsible for the delivery of information through the Service Center to MERS employers, participants, and other stakeholders (over 100,000 participants, 850 employers). The primary function of this role is to ensure the service delivered is of the highest quality and is in alignment with our organizational vision, goals, and strategic plan. Recognizing the importance of Service Excellence, the Service Center Representative strives to build stellar customer satisfaction daily.
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