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MERS Forms


= Available on myMERS. Forms with a star may be completed Online by logging into your myMERS account. Click here to log in.
DB = Defined Benefit, DC = Defined Contribution, DC+ = Defined Contribution Plus, HCSP = Health Care Savings Program, RHFV = Retiree Health Funding Vehicle, ISP = Investment Services Program, Premier Adv = Premier Advantage, Annuity = Stable Income Annuity, GL&D = Group Life & Disability Insurance.

Defined Contribution Plus

Form # Product Name Audience myMers Info
F-29c DB, DC, Hybrid Working in Retirement Certification Participant False more information

Working in Retirement Certification

Form #: F-29c

Product: DB, DC, Hybrid
Audience: Participant

DB-001c DB, DC, HCSP, 457, Hybrid, RHFV, ISP Resolution Establishing Authorized Signatories for MERS Contracts and Service Credit Purchase Approvals Employer False more information

Resolution Establishing Authorized Signatories for MERS Contracts and Service Credit Purchase Approvals

Form #: DB-001c

Product: DB, DC, HCSP, 457, Hybrid, RHFV, ISP
Audience: Employer

F-27 DB, DC, Hybrid Other Governmental Service Application Participant False more information

Other Governmental Service Application

Form #: F-27

Product: DB, DC, Hybrid
Audience: Participant

MD-073 DC Matching Employer Contribution Addendum Employer False more information

Matching Employer Contribution Addendum

Form #: MD-073

Product: DC
Audience: Employer

MD-700 DC+ Enrollment Kit Employer, Participant False more information

Enrollment Kit

Form #: MD-700

Product: DC+
Audience: Employer, Participant

MD-703 DC, DC+, 457 Beneficiary Designation Participant False more information

Beneficiary Designation

Form #: MD-703

Product: DC, DC+, 457
Audience: Participant

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