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Retirement Readiness

Retirement Readiness is a gauge that determines whether or not a person will have enough money in retirement to enjoy a similar standard of living as in their time working. Research shows that a majority of Americans are not financially prepared for retirement. The MERS retirement readiness approach utilizes behavioral finance research to assist you in understanding your level of retirement readiness along with providing you actions you can take to become more prepared.

As a participant enrolled in a MERS retirement plan, you'll have access to free tools and resources to assist you in your retirement readiness planning including:

Interactive Snapshot Report

Snapshot Report

This Mailed report will give you a "snapshot" of your level of retirement readiness.
This customized report uses information provided by your employer along with projected Social Security income to show you how well prepared you are financially for retirement.
I Am MERSTo learn about each section of the Snapshot report, click here to view our interactive guide.
After reviewing your report, you are encouraged to go online and create your "Full Picture" report.
myMERS Account

Full Picture Report Builder

Powered by GuidancePlus!
The Full Picture report builder is available by logging in to your myMERS account.
I Am MERS Within the Full Picture report builder, you have the ability to customize your retirement goals and add in spouse information and non-MERS retirement accounts to create a "Full Picture" of your retirement readiness.
The Full Picture report builder is secure. Only you have access to the information within your account or your Full Picture report.
MERS Financial Resource Center


The Financial Resource Center is a great tool to help you learn more about finance. This site is filled with articles, calculators, personal finance guides and other retirement-related resources.
The site is broken down into three age categories; therefore the information provided is timely and relevant to you and your current situation.
Click here to view The Financial Resource Center.



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Did you recently receive your Snapshot report? If so, we encourage you to sign up for an upcoming webinar that will walk you through each section of the report. You'll also view a demonstration of the online Full Picture report builder.
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