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Friday, April 3, 2020

MERS Communication Corner

MERS is committed to communicating with our participants and employers on relevant issues and benefit information. The MERS Communication Corner is here to help you organize recent mailings or emails that were sent from MERS, so that you know what was sent and any action that needs to be taken.

Please note: All mailing dates are approximate. Large mailings such as account statements can vary up to two weeks from the mailing date.

Communications Sent

February 01, 2019 - 

Product: All

Contacts: Primary and Finance

Date Sent: 2/1/19

Format: eBlast

Description: Recently MERS was notified from a handful of customers that they received suspicious emails with the subject line "Invoice" coming from, what appears to be, a MERS email address. MERS has confirmed that these emails are coming from an external source with malicious intent. Please note that after extensive review, MERS has confirmed that no data breach has occurred. Your information with us is safe and secure.

Today (2/1), MERS sent an email to all primary and finance contacts at all municipalities notifying them that these emails are circulating, and provided some email and web link best practices to ensure they are not falling victim to a cybersecurity attack.

A copy of the eblast can be viewed here.

Posted in: Employer
Actions: E-mail

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