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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Administrative and Policy Change Log

Here you will see a list of Admin and Policy changes.


Posting Date: July 02, 2018

Action required: No

What: At the March MERS Retirement Board Meeting, the Board voted to amend the plan termination policy for the defined benefit, defined contribution and hybrid plans.

Key Date(s): Effective Date of New Policy: March 15, 2018

Impacted audiences: Municipalities with a MERS Defined Benefit Plan, Defined Contribution Plan or Hybrid Plan

Key information:

  • It is important to ensure a fair and transparent process that protects the integrity of our entire pool of customers.
  • The previous process for electing to terminate participation, specifically in the MERS Defined Benefit Plan, was established over 70 years ago, presumably in an effort to protect the volatility a small pool of municipalities. Today that pool has grown and MERS serves over 700 defined benefit customers with over $11B in assets.
  • MERS Retirement Board evaluated and amended the process for electing to terminate the Defined Benefit plan. The updated process ensures:
    • The process is reasonable and transparent
    • Must be an agenda item at two consecutive meetings
    • The local government must notify MERS of its intention to address the topic of termination at least one month prior to the first meeting
    •  A two-thirds majority vote of the governing body is required
    • Plan participants (members and retirees) are notified and have the opportunity to provide feedback prior to vote to exit MERS. 
    • There are adequate timeframes to transition all assets and plan participants to the receiving plan in place
    • From the date of the governing body's decision through the date of transfer, there are various timeframes and check points built into the process, with a minimum of 120 days from start to finish
    • Adequate safeguards are in place to uphold state and federal laws
    • Ensures successor plan is a qualified pension plan under federal and state law (e.g. acknowledgements from the local government for the transfer of all fiduciary duties are taken)
    • Addressed emergency manager concern that was raised by many
  • Through internal policy changes, we were able to account for many variables that a mandated state policy change couldn't anticipate to protect the integrity of the pool and uphold our fiduciary role through any transition

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